6fy7 tube data sheet

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6fy7 tube data sheet

Pdfbytes) 6DM4A sheet RCA ( RC30) R 6DE4. I inserted the Sylvania VT- 231 tubes in another amp - the EL- 34 powered Cary SLI- 50 integrated in place of KenRad CKR 6SN7 GT. pdfbytes) 6FV8 RCA ( HB3) tp 6FV8. pdfbytes) 6DG7 CompagniedesLampes p 6DG7. pdfbytes) 6DM4 Tung- Sol R 6DM4. pdfbytes) 6DK6 RCA ( HB3) p 6DK6. 6FX4 6FY5 6FY7 6G6G 6GA8 6GB5 data 6GC5 6GE5 6GE8 data 6GF5 6GF7 6GF7A 6GG6 6GH8A 6GJ5 6GJ5A. 6fy7 pdf - Download as PDF sheet File (.

AN17821A Power Amplifier Datasheet. pdfbytes) 12SF5 General Electric t. pdfbytes) 6DM4A Tung- Sol R 6DM4A. 3 0 sheet SD CEF Eye OP 4 6. The following list shows the tube types I have entered in my database, with exception of the service types ( 6fy7 e. If you ever run across a data sheet, please let me know. pdfbytes) 1000T Eimac T~ 3 0 D BCEF 6G6 3 6. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6DL5 Rogers P 6DL5.

pdfbytes) ( fr) 12SC7 Tung- Sol tt 12SC7. pdfbytes) 6DL7 EIAJ 6DL7. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6FV6 Tung- Sol q 6FV6. Title: 6FY7 Author: General Electric Subject: JA- FPCreated data Date: 9/ 1/ 12: 35: 01 PM. 6fy7 com / 真空管在庫テーブル/ Tube Inventory ( 更新日/ updated on / 5/ 21) ・ 真空管は、 正規動作範囲内におきまして、 納品後1ヶ月保証。 ・ お支払いは、 在庫確認の上, 銀行口座振替または現金書留で.

Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6DG6GT RCA ( RC30) P 6DE4. 023 Tubes and Sockets. pdfbytes) 6DJ8 : RCA ( RC30) tt 6DE4. pdf), Text File (. pdfbytes) 6FV8A : RCA ( RC30) tp sheet 6BN11. 6fy7 tube data sheet.

electron Tube Data sheets Compactron Survey Compactron Survey by TRI- COMP, July. Manufacturing > Various manufacturer > 6FY7 Popular Tubes 5963 6SN7 810 6AKAT7 EF86 6SL7 6SJ7 12AX7 6BQ5 5Y3 5R4 12AU7 6AN5 807 5AR4 5UA 6DJ8 UF85 6V6 5670 6L6. 6fy7 6fy7 6fy7 6fy7 6g- b3a 6g- b3a 6g- b7 6g- b7 6g- k17 6g- k17 6g11 6g11 6g11 6g11 6g5 6g5 6g6- g 6g6- g 6g6g 6g6g 6g6g 6g6g 6gb5 6gb5 data 6gb5 6gb5 6gc5 6gc5 6gc5. Radio tubes are valves. Full text of " Heathkit tube TC 2 Tube Data". pdfbytes) 6FV8 Tung- Sol 6fy7 tp 6FV8. Tube 8106 6fy7 Beam Power Tube, B9A , Noval, Röhre 8106 ID6273 shown. pdfbytes) 10 ( = CX310) Cunningham T 10.
pdfbytes) 6DK3 General Electric 6fy7 R 6DK3. 3 21 KL JM 6G5 2 6. 6fy7 tube data sheet. data pdfbytes) ( fr) 10 Tung- Sol T 10. Frank' s Electron tube Pages - Tube data type List. txt) or read online. pdfbytes) 12SC7 General Electric tt 6SC7. 3 36 BC cr EyeCL 4 6.

RF Parts stocks a large inventory of tubes of all types. This list is primarily intended to data find tube designators by search engines. pdfbytes) 10 Sylvania T 10. 3 36 CDE GH 6G6G 2. pdfbytes) 1000T Eimac T~ 1000T. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 10 RCA T 10. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 12SA7GT Tung- Sol H data 12SA7. pdfbytes) 6FV8 General Electric tp 6FV8.

It' s type Z- 2946 what little I know data about it is here. data pdfbytes) 12SC7 Sylvania tt 12A8G. 6FQ7/ 6CG7 6FQ5A see 6CG7 6FY5/ EC95/ EC97 6FY7 / 6FM7 6G5 / 6U5 6G11 6GB5. 6FQ7/ 6CG7 6FQ5A see 6CG7 6FY5/ EC95/ EC97 6FY7 / 6FM7 6G5 6fy7 / 6U5 6G11. 6DR7 6FY7 15FY7; 12AC10A: ttt 3/ 2 x 12AT7 ( 6AC10) ( 8AC10) 6fy7 12FE.

There is also a photoconductive sensor cell manufactured ( circa 1963) by GE in a Compactron envelope. pdfbytes) 6DN3 RCA ( HB3).

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Homepage for Brent Jessee Recording Tube Sales. This is our " main" tube page. Every tube we stock is listed here and this page is long, JUST SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE TO SEE ALL THE TUBES. Tube substitution is difficult without special books on it. In the early 60' s Sylvania published a Tube Manual with a back section devoted to basing diagram references.

6fy7 tube data sheet

This base reference gives a quick way to find which tube used the same pin connections. You have a tube type 6U8A in a receiver mixer and you do not have a.